Storytelling For Grantseekers. A Guide To Creative Nonprofit Fundraising

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Grantwriters often have little or no training in the practical task of grantseeking

Clarke also stresses the need to see proposal-writing as part of a larger grantseeking effort, one that emphasizes preparation, working with the entire development staff, and maintaining good relations with funders

Grantseekers who approach the process as one in which they are connecting with an audience grantmakers and writing a narrative complete with settings, characters, antagonists and resolutions find greater success with funders

In Storytelling for Grantseekers, Second Edition, Cheryl Clarke presents an organic approach to grantseeking, one that views the process through the lens of the pleasures and rewards of crafting a good story

In Storytelling for Grantseekers, new and experienced grantseekers alike will discover how to write and support successful proposals with humor and passion

Many feel intimidated by the act of writing, and some don't enjoy writing

New edition features Overall updates as well as both refreshed and new examples Workshop exercises for using the storytelling approach New chapters on the application of the storytelling method to other fundraising communications like appeal letters and case statements, as well as the importance of site visits Example of a full narrative proposal

The book contains resources on crafting an effective synopsis, overcoming grantwriter's block, packaging the story, and the best ways to approach the short stories inquiry and cover letters that support the larger proposal

The writing process becomes a rewarding way to tell the organization's tale, rather than a chore, and their passion and creativity lead to winning proposals

This book walks readers through all the main phases of the proposal, highlighting the creative elements that link components to each other and unify the entire proposal

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